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Elizabeth Conley - Assistant for a top act in the Music Industry
Rockin' The Personal Touch With International Gift Delivery


Liz Conley has been the Special Project Manager and personal Administrative Assistant for one of the top musical acts in the world for many years. It’s her job to be the person between the band members and everyone else; coordinating appointments, organizing agents and publicists, making the band members’ lives easier – in general doing any job that needs doing.

One of her most important tasks, every year, is to make sure that all the band's friends, colleagues, and employees receive Christmas gifts. There are hundreds of gifts to send; the recipients are scattered around the globe; and the band insists that each gift is high quality, meaningful, and personal to the recipient. As Liz said during our interview, "the main thing for us is that [the gifts] have to reflect the band and make them feel like they're making a connection with that person, even if the band members can’t be there. The way we do it, I think the recipients really do feel that it’s a personal process."

"Everyone who works for them, works for them for a long time. They have the same people that have been working with them from day one. People always want to keep working with them, and part of it is the way that they treat people all over the world. People love them and feel connected to them. It’s a meaningful relationship, and so the gift project is very important."

So Liz has worked more with GiftBasketsOverseas.com each year to make it happen.


Liz and the band need an efficient way to send gifts internationally each Christmas, and need to make sure that the gifts and process still reflects the band’s personality and relationship with each recipient. Specifically, they need:

  • Hundreds of gifts, each delivered in different locations,
  • Gift selection that allows for a personal touch with each gift,
  • Efficient tracking and communication about every gift,
  • Meticulous attention to delivery details.

Problems with other Vendors

Liz didn’t always work with GiftBasketsOverseas.com on this project as much as she does now. When she first started using the company in 2008, she was also using a number of vendors: one for in-state deliveries, one for other USA deliveries, and various others for international deliveries. But the process of keeping up with each vendor and each gift was quite complex, and it was difficult to determine the quality of the products.

“When I took over from my predecessor, I was planning to work with the same vendors she did. So I had a basket sent to myself to see what it was like. I was absolutely appalled at the quality, how they photograph and how they list it, and what I received. So I stopped using them. I find with your photographs and descriptions. It’s a lot easier to know that what you’re getting is what you described.”

Besides that, many companies waited more than 24 hours to report issues with gifts, making them late or more difficult to deliver. On one occasion, a different vendor made a damaging delivery mistake:

“One went to a wrong address, it was so embarrassing – it was a huge disaster. It was someone very important; an agent in Europe that the band have used forever. This company addressed the gift to the right person, but sent it to the wrong company – a company that was somewhat competitive with the recipient. Luckily, a receptionist diverted the gift and alerted me, so I was able to diffuse the situation, but that’s just one of the worst things that you could do, and I won’t use them again.


Over time, Liz has used fewer vendors, opting to use GiftBasketsOverseas.com’s services for the majority of her recipients’ gifts. GiftBasketsOverseas.com’s Bulk Order Form makes it easy for her to organize each gift the way that’s best for her, and makes it possible to customize and personalize each gift easily.

“The spreadsheet is really good. I think last year I had some difficulty, with the filling it in – some territories have different ways of doing the addresses, but I suppose that’s really hard to get around. Also, I love that it’s very easy to add-on items – an extra this, or a bottle of that. There’s no other website that I’ve found where you can do that.”

Each year, Liz’s personal corporate gift specialist assists with gift choices, helps her complete the bulk order form, double checks the addresses, and follows up on every gift – whether there’s an issue, or if it’s been delivered – immediately. As Liz said, “You always send a quick response when something’s been delivered. Other companies don’t, and I wonder sometimes if the recipient got the gift. But you send the confirmation emails. And if there is a problem, you guys let me know so quickly; you don’t just let things go.”


Every year, the recipients love their gifts, and Liz returns to GiftBasketsOverseas.com with more recipients, because in addition to the response from the gifts, the service is efficient and personal. She told us, "Usually I get a pile of thank you notes from all over the world. So many people say ‘Thank you for the most amazing gift basket,’ and ‘We ate everything’."

Even more important, are the personal connections involved behind the scenes and between the givers and recipients. GiftBasketsOverseas.com handled Liz’s gifts for the band members like they would handle their own gifts to family, and that creates a real sense of love and care with each gift that the band values greatly.

“We personalize the process. It’s not thoughtless, and we consider each recipient. That’s where GBO is important to me. Because you make me look good, and that makes the band look better.”

Final Word

From Liz herself: “At Christmas-time, I’m juggling a lot of things. GiftBasketsOverseas.com takes away a lot of stress for me. When you guys say, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it,’ I don’t think about it twice; I don’t feel concerned. I go, ‘they’re going to do it, that’s done.’ Your customer service is unbelievable. You’re so caring and friendly. That’s so rare in big companies.
I feel like yours is the only company I’ve ever worked with that is taking the problem from me and solving it for me. With other companies I feel like I’m a nuisance, or bothering. I never feel like that with GiftBasketsOverseas.com.”



It's never too early to consider gifting as a relationship building for overseas partners. GiftBasketsOverseas.com's Corporate Gift Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help companies of all sizes re-create Liz Conley’s relationship building success. They can be reached by email at: [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-673-2822.

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