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Marker InfoComm Celebrates Seasons of Success with's Holiday Help

Marketing Administrator Boosts Morale and Client Memory with Annual Gift Campaigns

Marker InfoComm Inc (MIC), experts in loyalty program software solutions, has – for years – teamed up with (GBO), global gift delivery gurus, to manage its annual corporate Christmas gift campaign. GBO's NinaCarmen Monroe recently interviewed MIC's Marketing Director to discuss the campaign's continued success. She reported that the gift-giving campaigns are so successful because GBO anticipates her company's needs, provides a wide variety of appropriate gifts across a number of regions, makes the ordering process easy, and keeps her from making mistakes that could affect delivery. Additionally, the high-quality gifts are always well-received, and hit their mark for encouraging loyalty and gratitude among employees and customers.


Most might not recognize the company name, but they'll know Marker InfoComm's work. Since developing the platform for American Airlines' AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) over 25 years ago, the company has become the industry leader in creating and developing software that manages loyalty programs for more than 40 airlines worldwide, as well as for a number of retail and hospitality industries. Anyone who's ever redeemed frequent flier miles for a free trip, or turned in membership points for a gift card or merchandise is likely to have benefitted from MIC's technology.


Not surprisingly, for a company invested helping other companies nurture loyalty with gifts and rewards, MIC is also invested in making sure its employees and VIPs feel appreciated. To achieve this goal, the company's Marketing Director works annually with to deliver holiday gifts for employees and VIPs. MIC's Marketing Director said of the campaign, “Celebrating the holiday season is something our boss is adamant about…we feel like anyone can appreciate a holiday gift.”


No other company shares this sentiment more than; more importantly, GBO also has the experience to assist companies like MIC with managing gift deliveries on a global scale. With delivery to more than 200 countries in as little as 3 days, even large holiday orders can be organized in record time.


As both companies can attest, sending presents to both employees and important customers adds a human touch to the professional relationship. In the cases of employees, gift-giving encourages a celebratory mood in the office, and increases feelings of being appreciated. This sort of atmosphere results in happier, more productive employees. In the cases of important customers, such gift campaigns, especially when company branding is included, help keep the sender's company at the forefront of the mind, while also increasing the customers' feeling of being appreciated. Research suggests that these elements are key to encouraging customers to order a product or use a service again.


Besides being generous, MIC's Marketing Director understands that the celebration influences the bottom line, but she's more impressed – in this case – with GBO's level of customer service, variety of gifts, and ability to anticipate her needs. As she said:

"Our Asian partners, particularly those in Japan, just love it when we send a gift. So it's definitely a morale booster for everyone in the company when we can. We're very picky about the appropriateness of the gifts, so we like that GBO offers us choices.

At some point someone at GBO realized we're repeat customers, and have streamlined the process so that someone gets in touch with me around the right time. Each year now, they send the order form pre-populated with contact information I've had in the past. It's easier for me, it keeps me from making mistakes.


Besides making it easy to order each year, MIC's Marketing Director knows that GBO's dedication to each individual gift is part of the cornerstone of the campaign's success. Last year, MIC sent a gift basket to Singapore. The recipient was a marketing professional whose office address was at a hotel, but the hotel staff didn't realize who the gift was for. GBO's delivery-person went above and beyond to make sure the recipient received the gift in person. "GBO understood our needs, and made sure our recipient wasn't missed."


It's just one example of the care and dedication GBO pursues with each and every gift – from order to delivery. As GBO's Marketing Director says, "If we don't truly care about each gift and delivery, then it won't feel like the sender's personal touch is there either. We're not just sending things, we're delivering our customers' feelings as well – our work with each delivery is part of communicating that." It's that sentiment that keeps MIC, and a number of other companies, coming back for successful holiday campaigns every year.


It's never too early to start strategizing a customer appreciation campaign, or holiday gift order for VIPs.'s Corporate Gift Specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help companies of all sizes re-create MIC’s success with gift campaigns for customer and employee loyalty. They can be reached by email at: [email protected] or by phone at 1-888-673-2822.

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