Gift Package Protection


My Gift is Going a Long Way, Won’t it Get Spoiled or Broken?

We know what you’re thinking.

You click on the “Submit Order” button, and somewhere in an acres-long warehouse, a guy gets a forklift, pulls down a giant palate, and unwraps your pre-packaged gift box from a pile of a hundred of the same chocolate assortment. He blows the dust off the box, and drops it at Shipping where they throw it in another box with some foam peanuts, and the shipping company picks it up.

It rides on a truck, gets kicked around by the guys putting it on a plane. Then it flies through the air, and then it’s jostled around a little more, just in time for the Customs guy to cut it open, and tape it back up, so the last shipping guy can throw it over your recipient's fence.

Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you might be thinking at least part of that. Let us reassure you: Your gift will arrive fresh and in lovely condition when you order with

First, since has regional managers and gift experts in each country we serve, your gift isn’t going nearly as far as you think. So scratch the faceless warehouses, and kiss those long shipping trips and Customs agents goodbye.

Second, your gift is prepared when you order it, and is delivered in less than a week. This ensures that our stock is always fresh, and still good for your recipient.

Finally, our gifts are often delivered by courier; in countries where they are not, they are delivered by the best shipping companies in the region, and exceptionally packaged for freshness, gift safety, and presentation – because the way it looks is just as important as the fact that it arrived.

Your gift will be gorgeous and fresh when it arrives. And on the rare occasion that something slips by us, we’ve got you covered with our satisfaction guarantee.

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