Price Variations Across Countries


Why Do I See Different Prices on the Same Gift on Your Website?

We get it, you’ve been looking around and you’ve seen that you can send Fromage Favorites to Colombia, Greece, and Israel, but in Israel, it’s $234.95 instead of $229.95 like in the other countries. You might be thinking: What’s up with that? Are you guys up to some funny pricing over there?

No, but we can understand why you might think so at first. Keep in mind, all our gift baskets are made within your country of delivery, at the time of your order (or at the most appropriate time, if you ordered early). We have gift experts in each region creating our company’s gift designs, and – of course – they share these designs and contents lists with other GBO experts in different regions.

Fromage Favorites

In other words, that gift expert from Colombia is creating some of the same branded gifts as the others in Greece and Israel. However, even though they’re creating the same gift, and filling it with the same products, that doesn’t automatically mean that all the ‘ingredients’ will be the same price.

Since each basket is made fresh within your recipient’s country, the items in each gift are there as well. It’s a small detail, but if the same imported chocolates are more expensive in Israel than in Colombia, then the same gift will cost a little more from Israel. The price difference is usually small, and since delivering the gifts this way ensures both freshness and speed, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s the best way to go.

So now you know: there’s no monkey business happening with the gift prices. Compare GBO pricing with alternative options and feel confident; you’ve got our years of experience and our satisfaction guarantee behind you. Browse our catalog, and find the perfect gift for your faraway friends, family, and colleagues.

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